A variety of currencies can be used, including (USD, EUR, GBP), and others.
Yes, you can add additional users or sub-accounts under the main account.
Regular usage of the account is necessary to keep it active without additional requirements.
Yes, we have multiple options for account types allowing customers to choose the most suitable for their needs.
No, creating and using the account is entirely free, but some additional services might have fees associated.
No, you can create an account without entering banking information, but it might be required later for certain services.
Yes, we follow identity verification steps through email or phone confirmation, and sometimes additional identity checks might be necessary.
A valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or a passport or residence card. Other basic information, such as your birthdate , phone number and personal photo
We have robust procedures and practices in place to ensure compliance with global data protection regulations such as GDPR or CCPA and we continuously monitor and update our practices as per evolving regulatory requirements.
We adhere to data retention policies compliant with relevant regulations and offer mechanisms for users to request the deletion of their information, subject to legal obligations.
Yes, all user transactions and communications are encrypted using SSL/TLS protocols to ensure secure transmission and prevent unauthorized access.
We strictly adhere to a policy of not sharing customer information with any third party without explicit consent.
We utilize the latest encryption technologies and adhere to strict security protocols to safeguard privacy and confidentiality.
There might be fees associated with withdrawals. You can find details about these fees in the fee schedule and terms.
This depends on the service and your country.Some may allow withdrawals in different currencies, but there might be currency conversion and associated fees.
Yes, there is a minimum withdrawal amount specified in the terms and conditions of the service.
Withdrawals are usually processed within one business day, but the actual time to receive funds can depend on the local bank and their processing time.
You can withdraw funds from your account by transferring the balance to a local bank account or using international transfer services.
Occasionally, we might require additional verification for certain deposit transactions to ensure security and compliance. This could involve confirming your identity or source of funds.
Usually, deposits are instant and cannot be canceled once the request is submitted. We recommend verifying and confirming deposit transactions before confirming.
We don't impose fees on deposit transactions, but some banks or payment processors might charge fees for transactions. We always advise checking their fee policies.
Yes, there might be a maximum deposit limit depending on the service's policy and account type.
The arrival time of funds into your account varies depending on the method you choose. Typically, deposits are instant or take a few minutes to reflect in your account balance.
You should report the loss of the card immediately and request its cancellation through customer support to prevent any unauthorized use.
Yes, you can cancel and unlink the PAYEG card from your account at any time through the card settings.
Yes, the payment card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs based on the available balance in the account.
No, the PAYEG card can be used in stores, at points of sale, and anywhere that accepts electronic payment cards
If your country is eligible, after logging into your account, you will see the PAYEG card option. Click on it and follow the steps.
The payeg card allows you to make online payments and withdrawals easily, directly linked to your account on the website.